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This blog contains a log of my activities, interests, disinterests and anything I might happen to put on it.

I am a machine learning engineer at Recorded Future. Before joining Recorded Future, I was a postdoctoral researcher in the MMC group at TU Delft. I've dabbled in research mostly related to recommender systems.

Prior to TU Delft I was a Marie Curie (ERCIM ABCDE) fellow at CWI in Amsterdam from April 2013 to March 2014.

From June 2008 to March 2013, I was a Ph.D. student at DAI Lab which is an institute belonging to Technische Universität Berlin. My doctoral dissertation was on the topic of evaluation of recommender systems.

My current work location is Delft, The Netherlands where I've been since April 2014.


  • [Aug'14] Paper on "RiVal: A New Benchmarking Toolkit for Recommender Systems" with A. Bellogin accepted to ERCIM News (vol. 99)
  • [Aug'14] Paper on "You are What You Eat! Tracking Health Through Recipe Interactions" with A. Bellogin accepted to RSWeb'14
  • [Aug'14] Poster on "An Extended Data Model Format for Composite Recommendation" with B. Loni, R. Turring, A. Lommatzsch accepted to RecSys'14
Old news
  • [July'14] Full paper on "Comparative Recommender System Evaluation" with A. Bellogín accepted to RecSys'14
  • [July'14] Short paper on "Free Lunch Enhancement for Collaborative Filtering with Factorization Machines" with B. Loni, M. Larson, A. Hanjalic accepted to RecSys'14
  • [July'14] Demo paper on "RiVal – A Toolkit to Foster Reproducibility in Recommender System Evaluation" with A. Bellogín accepted to RecSys'14
  • [July'14] Demo paper on "WrapRec: An Easy Extension of Recommender System Libraries" with B. Loni, M. Larson, A. Hanjalic accepted to RecSys'14
  • [March'14] Paper on "The Magic Barrier of Recommender Systems - No Magic, Just Ratings" with A. Bellogin and A. de Vries accepted to UMAP'14
  • [Nov'13] Poster on "Do Recommendations Matter? -- News Recommendation IRL" accepted at CSCW'14
  • [Sept'13] We won the ACM RecSys 2013 News Recommender Systems Challenge
  • [Aug'13] Paper on "A Month in the Life of a Production News Recommender System" accepted to the LivingLAbs Workshop at ACM CIKM
  • [Aug'13] Paper on "Activating the Crowd: Exploiting User-Item Reciprocity for Recommendation" accepted to the CrowdRec Workshop at ACM RecSys
  • [Aug'13] Paper on "A Top-N Recommender System Evaluation Protocol Inspired by Deployed Systems" accepted to the LSRS Workshop at ACM RecSys
  • [Aug'13]The 1st RecSys:NL Meetup will be held on the 19th
  • [July'13] Talk on "Evaluating Recommender Systems" on July 15th at DMIR Lab, TU Delft
  • [May'13] Workshop on Reproducibility and Replication in Recommender Systems Evaluation accepted to RecSys 2013.
  • [May'13] Project poster accepter to UMAP'13
  • [April'13] Workshop on Benchmarking Adaptive Retrieval and Recommender Systems accepted to SIGIR 2013.
  • [April'13] Started working at CWI in Amsterdam
  • [March'13] Dissertation Defense on March 21st
  • [Jan'13] Submitted doctoral dissertation.
  • [Nov'12] Poster on 3D RecSys Evaluation accepted to CSCW
  • [Oct'12] Paper on User-Centric evaluation accepted to CSCW 2013
  • [Aug'12] Tutorial on Best Practices in Recommender Systems accepted to RecSys 2012
  • [Aug'12] Nominated Best Poster at IIiX 2012
  • [July'12] Awarded Springer Best Paper Award at UMAP 2012